When I Grow Up

Charles Bakker

By Charles Bakker

Who will I be, God,

When I grow up?

A doctor? A teacher?

Or maybe we could talk more if I were a preacher?

Anyways, please let me know,

Then I’ll know which way to go.

Oh you sweet, beautiful child.

Your path is not set.

A doctor? A teacher?

I talk with them all, and many more than some preachers!

You could be these, and I’ve got some guesses,

But I just want you to be someone who blesses!

Ok, so what about school, God,

Will I do well in my class?

I’d like to know how much I should study.

Or if I can go outside and play and get muddy.

Anyways, please let me know,

Then I’ll know which way to go.

I love it when we stomp in puddles!

Just like when we write those tests.

It is very important for you to study.

And it’s also important for you to play and get muddy.

The only thing that you need to know,

Is that I will be with you wherever you go.

But don’t you know everything, God?

Like what I will eat for supper?

I thought the Bible says that you know the future.

How can there be things about which you’re not sure?

Why can’t you let me know,

What the right way is for me to go.

Why can’t I know all there is to know,

And that not include which way you will go?

Would you really want to live without freedom?

Would you prefer that I watch you just like a rerun?

It’s not like I haven’t let you know,

What the right way is for you to go.


I gave you myself,

Then I said, “Follow me!”

I never said our life together

Would not be filled with discovery!

I want to show you my stars,

And see how they dance in your eyes.

I’ve waited billions of years,

To feel that surprise!

Of course you’d be marvelous!

That’s how I made you to be.

It’s not like I didn’t predict this,

It’s just so wondrous to see.


Our path is not set,

Though I’ve got my guesses.

But if we take it together,

It will be one that blesses.

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  1. Gloria Coffin


  1. Hey, Charles,
    Excellent communicating through this medium!
    Agreeing with your points of reference helps.
    You should check out Debbie Reynolds singing,
    “Que Sera, Sera!” I actually WAS a little girl when this came out,
    and I asked my hero father the same question(s). He said,
    “Whatever you want to be!”
    Thanks for a special reminder of the blessings in my life.
    It makes me a little curious about your journey 😉

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