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Arminians and Open Theists in Open Dialogue

To encourage healthy and constructive dialogue between adherents of Arminianism and Open Theism. You're also welcome to the dialogue if you are a Trinitarian Christian who professes another form of freewill theism, including but not limited to Freewill Baptists, Eastern Orthodoxy, Paleo Orthodoxy, Divine Nescience, and relevant branches of Roman Catholicism.

Open and Relational Theologies

This group fosters discussion of a wide variety of theological issues relevant to those who in some way embrace open and relational theology. Such theology includes ways of thinking found in traditions such as Process, Openness, Feminist, Evangelical, Postmodern, Liberation, Womanist, Wesleyan, Continentalist, Analytic, Existential, and Narrative theologies.

God is Open - the Open Theism Circle

Our main body of posts should be neat things we have discovered in the Bible, not theological debates.

Open Theism

Open Theism affirms that: 1) God and creatures enjoy mutually-influencing relations 2) the future is partly open / God does not fully settle it 3) love is uniquely exemplified by God and is the human ethical imperative

Process and Faith

This is a process theology group. If you're interested in the intersection of spirituality, science, politics, and the Jesus Movement, then this is the place for you. Process theology understands the world to be creative, evolving, dynamic, interrelational, and open to the future. In process theology God's power is the power of persuasive love, calling us all to salvation. God is also relational and present in each moment of life. In this perspective, the world is a giant ecosystem where all of life is interdependent.

The Uncontrolling Love of God Conversations

This group was originally started as a weekly skype/video discussion of Tom Oord's book The Uncontrolling Love of God. It has evolved into an ongoing discussion around the uncontrolling love concepts. We welcome all people to join the conversation. It would be helpful for all participants to have read The Uncontrolling Love of God. Besides that, we ask that conversation be charitable yet engaging.


This discussion group explores cruciform theology. At the fore is the idea Jesus reveals the nature and character of God, one of self sacrificial love and of power shown in weakness on the cross. Difficult issues like violence in the Old Testament and why there is evil in the world bring open and relational theologies into the conversation.

Healing with God Can't

This group explores what it means to believe God doesn't cause or allow evil but works with us and others to heal. Members assume no one has all the answers, but we can find insights when sharing our stories and working toward wholeness. Much of the discussion arises from ideas in the book God Can't, written by Thomas Jay Oord.


John Sanders - Open Theism

This bibliography is arranged in five categories: (1) multi-views works, (2) works supporting open theism, (3) works engaging open theism, (4) works against open theism, and (5) doctoral dissertations and masters theses engaging open theism. Updated November 2018

Center for Process Studies Library

The Center for Process Studies library is the world’s largest collection of writings in process-relational thought–consists of more than 2,400 books, 750 dissertations, and 12,000 articles.

Whitehead Research Library

The Whitehead Research Library provides open access to archival material related to the philosophy and life of Alfred North Whitehead. It includes electronic versions of student lecture notes, letters, and photographs.

Process and Faith Lectionary

Click the image below to view the Process and Faith Lectionary

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Studies in Open and Relational Theologies

The Studies in Open and Relational Theologies series promotes academic research and discourse on open, relational, and process perspectives in theology and religion (including those of open theism, process theology, neoclassical, and other relational and personalist traditions). This series is devoted to constructive and critical studies, especially those involving theological and philosophical speculation about the nature of Ultimates, freedom, power, relationality, evil, love, religious belonging, and more. 

Series Editors
Thomas Jay Oord and Wm. Andrew Schwartz

Editorial Board 

Karen Baker-Fletcher, Donna Bowman, Philip Clayton, Daniel Dombrowski, Nancy Howell, Krista Hughes, Catherine Keller, Daniel Ott, Elaine Padilla, Richard Rice, John Sanders, Bethany Sollereder, Donald Viney, Theodore Walker, Karen Winslow, Michael Zbaraschuk

Doctorate in Open
and Relational Theology

In conjunction with Northwind Theological Seminary, the Center for Open and Relational Theology offers a Doctorate in Theology and Ministry. The degree is fully online, inexpensive, and involves Oxford Style study with Thomas Jay Oord and other scholars.
For more information, see the Northwind Theological Seminary website.

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