Damian Geddry

By Damian Geddry

Why is a None a None?

What do they want none of?

And what does it really mean when they say… we’re having none of that?

If we are to believe the data

And I believe we should

They want none of the “world-view” emanating from so many religions

But let’s narrow it down

Because mostly, when they say religion, they mean Christianity

A certain brand of Christianity that’s selling a strange kind of reality

A reality that’s oddly anti-science

A reality that’s oblivious to the environment

A reality that ignores the sick, the poor and the strange

A reality that ignores… well… reality

So let’s get real for a moment

Nones are having “none” of the omnipotent, anthropomorphic, unilateral, immutable God that somehow ordains a prosperity gospel, pillaging of the earth and persecution of people who aren’t straight… white… men

The Nones, God love ‘em, have a God problem

God… reality… potato… potaato, its all the same thing in their ears

Nones are not willing to trade in physics for a god that acts like pharaoh

They are none too happy about the prescriptive, finger-wagging god

You know… the one that yanks our chain and manages our bodies like marionettes

In their mind, this is a kind of cosmic, big-daddy coercion

And guess what?

They’re having none of that either

And then there’s that sticky wicket called evil


When god is rendered as some kind of galactic gladiator that strikes down disbelievers and doles out suffering like Christian karma, Nones are the first in line to say…

Thank you very much… but no

We’re having “none” of that

In fact, the Nones are basically saying: if your god, your reality, motivates the kind of dogmatic shenanigans we see in the media, we’ll get our inspiration elsewhere

And so, they decamp for greener pastures… organic, of course

They have left behind the judgment, the denial and the whacko metaphysics

And thus begins a quasi-religious road trip that takes them to exotic destinations

Mindfulness, contemplation, meditation, therapy, soul cycle and yoga studios

All excellent places to visit

Perhaps they’ll find a true spiritual home there

But for some of the Nones, Dones and Spiritual But Not Religious, the questions remain

The big, cosmic-scale questions and little existential itches just won’t go away, and they, like many of us, keep searching

So, we know what the Nones are “none” to fond of, but what’s the alternative?

What’s the solution?

How about a grand re-opening?

Where we open up the very idea of Reality, Divinity – the idea of God

What if we introduced something interactive and exciting?

A God that is persuasive rather than coercive

Relational rather than unilateral

Natural instead of supernatural

A reality where we are truly free agents

And the future… that’s a team sport

It’s evolution vs. creation

Motion vs. stagnation

And reality as we actually feel it

You want to reach the Nones?

Repaint reality with some zestier colors

Put our free will in the picture

There it is

Now we’re co-creating

God and reality are alive

But I’m obviously preaching to the choir today

And the Nones… they can’t hear us because of the ear buds

So, this is going to take some work

Some translating

Maybe even a liturgical model that rotates around Beauty



Art, Value and Peace

A model that directly engages those big existential questions like…




And yes… evil

Does this mean we toss out the old traditions?


But we need to recharge the metaphors with a new metaphysics

We need to dismiss the god of easy answers

And must invite the Nones to take a role in the very process of life

Because that’s real – and I believe they’re ready for something to really have faith in