Doctoral Program in Open and Relational Theology Partners for ATS-Accreditation

The Center for Open and Relational Theology’s educational partner Northwind Theological Seminary is now also a contextualization partner of Kairos University. 

The Northwind/Kairos partnership creates a path for doctoral students to pursue an Association of Theological Schools (ATS)-accredited degree from Kairos while enrolled in Northwind courses and studying with Dr. Oord and other Northwind faculty.

Incoming students apply to Northwind but are dually enrolled and admitted to both institutions. Northwind courses map onto Kairos requirements, and graduates receive an ATS-accredited degree from Kairos. As a partner, Northwind leverages aspects of Kairos while continuing as a separate legal entity with its own governance, institutional authority, and management structures.

For information on the Northwind Theological Seminary doctoral degree in Open and Relational Theology, see the program webpage. For information on Kairos University and the announcement on the Kairos/Northwind partnership, see this link.

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