ORTLine23 Recordings

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Keith Ward, Personal Idealism – Panelists: Tim Miller, Lina Langby, Matt Huffman, Fidel Arnecillo
Michael Berra, Towards a Theology of Relationship – Panelists: Donn Peters, Ryan Lambros, Natalya Cherry, Matthias Wenk
Thomas Jay Oord, Pluriform Love – Panelists: Carol Kingston-Smith, Beth Hayward, Wendy Francisco, Dan Rosado
John Buchanon, Processing Reality – Panelists: Pam Buzalka, Karl Forehand, Roger Wolsey, Sheri Kling
Gabriel Atchison, Are You the Unchurched? – Panelists: Mark Umstot, Mike Brennan, Libby Tedder Hugus, Aimee Hein
Randy Woodley, Indigenous Theology and the Western Worldview – Panelists: Chris Hoklotubbe, Danny Zacharias, Melissa Stewart, Jessica Stonecypher
Anna Case-Winters, God Will Be All in All – Panelists: Chris Baker, Andy Stanton-Henry, Karen Winslow, Kelley Weber
Chad Bahl, God Unbound – Panelists: Amanda Oster, Vikki Randall, Brandon Brown, Dan Kent
Ian Todd, Why Are You Here? (RECORDING FAILED) – Panelists: Tracy Tucker, Bob Riggles, Zack Allen, Maribeth Trueblood
Russell Pregeant, Mystery Without Magic – Panelists: Josh Patterson, Shaleen Kendrick, Ulrick Dam, Tori Owens
Ilia Delio, The Hours of the Universe – Panelists: John Pohl, Bethany Sollereder, Philip Averay, Maynard Moore
Jonathan Foster, Theology of Consent – Panelists: Rebecca Adams, Adam Ericksen, Katelynn Carver, Jay McDaniel
Joe Bracken, Reciprocal Causality in an Event-Filled World – Panelists: Tripp Fuller, Thomas Estes, Donna Bowman, Philip Clayton
Brian McLaren, Should I Stay Christian? – Panelists: Rodger Rushing, Steve Watson, Kristin Kaminski, Brian Felushko
Greg Hoover, The Pain Killer – Panelists: Donna Ward, Eric Hughes, Shawn Ryan, Kyle Russell, Max Johnson
Michael Lodahl, Matthew Matters – Panelists: Kalie Hargrove, Jared Byas, Russ Preagant, Chris Jorgensen
Bruce Epperly, The Elephant is Running – Panelists: Travis Keller, Andrew Schwartz, Kat Reeves, Scott Klepach